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Family Memories are Made Around the Dinner Table

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Growing up, we knew that dinner time meant family time – around the table.  This was a time to set aside whatever we were doing, to gather to enjoy delicious food and share about our day.  We strive to make the same hold true with our children today.   My fondest memories of family meals are holiday meals at my grandparents house.  I remember grandma working in the kitchen tirelessly all day to prepare a feast for us to enjoy.  She would stop periodically to play a board game with me, or allow me to help set the table.  We often had similar food – Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Jello Salad, Lefsa (a traditional Norwegian potato tortilla of sorts), green beans and Pie.  (with Chocolate Chip and Sprinkle (sugar) cookies for an evening snack.)  We would share stories, and on Christmas we always wanted to hurry and do the dishes so we could open presents.  Oh the anticipation!  That was one day I was always willing to help with the dishes! 

With the holiday craziness, it is very important to me to stay in touch with my kiddo’s on what is going on in their day to day lives, and the family dinner table proves to be the easiest and best place.  I encourage you to turn off all electronics and make it a priority to sit around your dining room table each night to eat and connect.  It may feel awkward at first if you are not accustomed to this, and the kids might complain – but you are building memories – truly they like it – even if they don’t show it. 

Sometimes due to scheduling or just as a special treat, it is fun to eat out.  One of our favorite places is Red Lobster.  It is a treat that only happens periodically, but once in awhile we will receive a gift card from a church family (hubby is a pastor) or we will make a splurge.  Tomorrow night when we head to pick up Igor from the airport, I think Matt and I will stop at Red Lobster for some quiet personal time on the way.  Can’t wait!

If you are still in limbo about a gift for someone special on your list, how about the gift of a family meal?  The Darden Gift Cards are a great choice, as you can use them at Olive Garden, Red Lobster or Longhorn Steakhouse – so the recipients have a choice of where they prefer to eat.  I love that – makes it easier than trying to choose one place and hoping they like it.  And after shipping boxes of gifts across the country to our family at the tune of $286…(yes I about fell over…) I think our family will be receiving gift cards next year. 



You can find the Darden Gift Cards here:

For a limited time this holiday season (Through Dec. 31st) you will receive a $5 bonus coupon for every $25 gift card purchased at Olive Garden, Red Lobster or LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants through the above link.

Enjoy your family time around the dinner table this holiday season!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Darden. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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