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Hello from Washington

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We are on vacation at the moment, but I thought I would still stop in and say hello.  We have lived in Illinois for 5 years, but we grew up in Washington, so we are home to visit family and friends. 


It was quite the trip getting out here.  The drive to the airport was nothing shy of amazing.  I have never seen storms quite like that.  Once we got to the airport we got our baggage checked, got all our kids and ourselves through security and got to the gate – only to find out our flight had just been cancelled due to all the thunderstorms and tornado’s in our neck of the woods.   So back out to the ticket counter we went.  After standing in line for quite awhile, they shut down the line due to an unattended suitcase.  Finally we got tickets for the following afternoon.  A couple hours later they found 3 of our 4 suitcases,,,   We went and found a hotel as the tornado sirens went off.  We woke up in the morning and thankfully our hotel was still standing.  We finally made it out about an hour late the next day, but the flight was to Atlanta (the opposite direction we should be traveling) – it was the only thing open with a connecting flight to WA.  On our way to Atlanta we were told we might have to turn around due to weather in Atlanta.  We were put in a holding pattern in the sky, and were finally given clearance to land.  Shortly after we landed in Atlanta they completely shut down the airport due to the storms.  We did finally get out a bit late that evening and made it to Seattle.  Then we ended up with a rental car that had an alarm that would go off constantly, so my husband had to go exchange that the next morning.  Never a dull moment I guess!  I’m hoping the trip home is much less eventful. 

Here is one thing we definitely miss in IL – the mountains! 




And apparently the rain followed us here:



It has definitely been much cooler here than at home, but we are enjoying seeing everyone. 


I hope you are having a great Memorial Day!



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One Response to Hello from Washington

  1. Angelia JOhnson says:

    Hello hope your trip finishes well! I live in Vancouver, WA and the weather here is well nice this weekend..Enjoy your family!!

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