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PlanetBox Lunch Box Review

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Time for another lunch box review!  There are so many neat ones out right now – wow! 

Today’s review is for PlanetBox Lunch Boxes.  


As I am sure you are aware by now, I am a big fan of reusable containers.  With 3 kids in school x 5 days a week , and often with 3-4 ziplock baggies per day per lunch – we’re talking 40 baggies a WEEK!  That is a lot of trash, and money!  Therefore, I am all for lunch boxes that eliminate my need for disposable products.  

I hadn’t heard of PlanetBox Lunch Boxes until I visited  She has some great ideas for bento lunches by the way!  

At any rate, I fell in love right away with PlanetBox products!  They are so unique!    

PlanetBox is the eco and easy way to pack healthy lunches for kids.  Made out of high quality stainless steel, it’s the safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic.  Part bento box, part TV dinner tray, PlanetBox is the custom-designed, all in one solution for packing well-balanced lunches kids love.



Key Features:

• Individual compartments make sure that foods do not "touch each other." Sandwich compartment guarantees no more squished sandwiches.

• Plenty of room for fruits and veggies, as well as a little tasty treat.

• "Big and Little Dipper" containers for messy, wet foods like yogurt and dips.

• Soft Carry Bags available in 6 different colors.

• Super-cool magnets that kids love.

• Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

My Personal Input

My boys love this!  They argue over who gets to take it to school.

I love the fact that each section is open (there are five sections) and I can quickly fill the entire thing and put one lid on (which is attached so it is never lost!)  It also helps me see front and center what I am packing – to make sure all our basis are covered.  

It would be nice if it came with silverware and a drink bottle to match, like some of the other systems do.

The carrying bag is great!  My younger two boys have snack time, and I love the outside pockets to put their snack in!  (they get milk for lunch time – from school, but have to bring their own drink for snack time) 

I am not completely trusting of the individual big and little dipper containers staying shut if they are not enclosed in the lunch box.  I have considered using one in the snack pocket, but wasn’t sure if we’d end up with a lid that fell off.  

I could take or leave the magnets.  The boys LOVE them – so that is great!  (and they are cute!)  But… to me it is one more thing to deal with (and lose).  (They have to be removed for washing.)  I also have a feeling the first few days the boys played with the magnets more than they ate. 

I like that I can put a full sandwich into this easily. (without even cutting it if preferred) 

The price is a bit on the steep side.  (grant it, I am saving a lot not having to buy ziplocks!)  The complete system – which includes the box, big & little dipper containers, carrying bag & magnets is $59.95.  You can also purchase the components separately.  The quality is good and stainless steel eco friendly products do generally run high, so I understand the price.  It is just a bit hard to swallow when you have 3 (soon to be 4) kids in school.  That is $240 in lunch boxes for our family.  Spending that much makes me a tad bit nervous sending it to school – our kids go to a small private school, and rarely does something go missing.. But the thought of it makes me continuously remind my boys in the morning to “MAKE SURE you keep track of your lunch box!”  
All in all, this is a very unique, useful and fun product!  I certainly had never seen anything else like it before, and like I said my boys LOVE it!

Be sure to visit PlanetBox to explore their products and pick the system that is perfect for you!    

Christine Steendahl
“The Menu Mom”

*I was sent a complimentary Planet Box for review purposes. 

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4 Responses to PlanetBox Lunch Box Review

  1. How very cool! I love the stainless steel concept – I imagine it would be easy to wipe clean. The lunch containers that we use now either have to be tossed into the washing machine every now and then to get REALLY cleaned or soaked in the sink b/c of the material they are made out of. Both of my children take their lunch to school majority of the time and we also use A LOT of ziploc baggies so it would be nice to have a complete system like this. I must admit that the price did make my jaw drop, but I suppose when you want that perfect system you have to be willing to pay a bit extra!

  2. Rachel says:

    Our 4 kids are all in school this year and I was SO sick of buying and replacing bowls/lids each year and baggies, plus they are a pain for the kids to eat from. It seemed like they’d open one at lunch, eat from it slowly and nothing else would get eaten. I was searching for something along the lines of Bento containers. Saw some on Amazon, but the reviews were horrible – not worth the lower cost. We found Planetbox online and it looked perfect for us. They are expensive, but with a 5 year warranty, it’s totally worth it. You will buy them once, instead of spending year after year on containers and baggies. We bought the Rover system for each child, which fits into their backpacks nicely and their milk bottles fit in the outside drink pocket so there is no fear of them losing them. With 4 kids you really need to use the magnets for identification and once you are in the habit of removing them before washing (I simply stick them on the fridge until they’re ready to go back on – lol) it’s not a big deal at all. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for something that is going to be sensible and last for years!! I did have sticker shock at first (4 plus shipping/duty fees to Canada, we ended up spending over $300) but after using them for a week, I was convinced and it is SO worth it. The other containers I’ve seen out there just don’t stack up to these.

  3. gina says:

    Did you have any issues with the food spilling or leaking over to different compartments? Are all the compartments sealed when the box is shut or is there a gap betweem the top of the lunchbox and the lid? Thanks for the info.

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