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Produce Prices

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I just stumbled across this post in my new Community (there is a tab to read members newest blog posts!) .  The post leads to a NBC Nightly News report about the huge rising price of produce due to various natural disasters that have occurred this year.  Of course it seems grocery prices are raising no matter what you look at, but fruits and veggies aren’t really something we can just cut out of our diet (Unlike a lot of the processed stuff that we can go without out.)  So what are we to do?  Here are my thoughts.

– Watch the sales flyers, maybe visit a couple local stores each week to pick up the produce that is on sale

– Check out the produce at your local warehouse store (Sam’s Club, Costco etc.) – if you can use the big packages they sell, it may be a good deal.  If you are going to not be able to use the big package and will end up throwing half of it away, it’s not going to be a good deal.

– Watch for local farmer’s markets.  Even here – way out in the country we have a little farmer’s market.  Ask in your community, you most likely have one somewhere near. 

– If you have the space and time, consider planting a garden with a few of your favorite fruits & veggies.  We grow strawberries, raspberries (that are sooo expensive in the store), peppers, zucchini, green beans & tomatoes each year.  We also have grown pumpkins, spaghetti squash, corn, watermelon, cantelope, carrots, onions, carrots & potatoes in the past.


How about you, do you have any produce saving tips? 



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2 Responses to Produce Prices

  1. Noelle says:

    Even if you are buying the large size at Sam’s or Costco, you can freeze what you may not use right away. Most fruit is easy to freeze if even just for smoothies. And things like carrots or potatoes will last quite a while in the fridge.

    We belong to a CSA and work there 4 hours/week from June to October. We get more produce than we know what to do with (and we can and freeze a ton!) all for a SET price. It’s a very good thing. And it’s all organic and local and super fresh. Nothing like having melon for lunch that was still on the vine at breakfast! =)

    • christine says:

      Noelle, Yes, we have been part of a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) before as well. Our problem was A) Here it was not very cheap, and B) We ended up with a lot of things we didn’t really care for. But, it does work great for many people! Definitely something to look into!

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