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Six Days and Counting

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We have Igor only six more days. (oh how I wish we could have him 5 weeks like in summer, but we only get 4… it feels too short!)  I am trying to not break down into tears every time I look at him at this point.  Although I did have a good cry last night.  He is also very open about the fact that he is feeling irritable and sad that he is leaving soon.  A couple nights ago he typed to me on Google Translate “I can not even imagine going home.  Who is going to ask me what I like to eat?  Who is going to kiss me goodnight and say sweet dreams?  Who is going to love me?”  Talk about breaking my heart.  His English is getting so good, and he also has become very open with us.  This last week is always so bittersweet.

Yesterday was probably our hardest day so far.  Generally speaking, we have had so little drama.  Yesterday he had to go to the dentist for 3 fillings.  He did not want to go; but was so brave.  Unfortunately, they had told me he would not be having any injections (and I had relayed that message to him), but then while they were working, they decided they did need to do a couple injections.  The pediatric dentist treated him with utmost kindness, but it was painful for him.  She asked him to stay very still – which he did… but as soon as she was done, he bolted and stood in the corner and just sobbed.  So sad…  I think he was embarrassed he was crying (as he calls  boys who cry from pain “girls”).  Eventually we coaxed him back into the chair and the work was finished, but he was so so upset with me.  He said he was especially upset because the dentist and I were talking and smiling and I told her thank you.  “Why did you tell her thank-you for hurting me!?!”  I got the silent treatment for a good two hours, and then only minimal communication until around 11:00 p.m.  (appt. was at 3:15) .  My heart was breaking, but eventually we were able to talk through it on Google Translate.  We went to bed late, but I did not want him to go to bed angry.  Now it is 10:15 a.m. and he is still sleeping, so that is good!

We are praying for a future with this kiddo.  Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that are going to make that harder than we would like.  Day by day, step by step – that is all we can do.  Praying for God’s Perfect plan.  I have a feeling we will have a large phone bill in the coming days.  Acting as “mom” from across the ocean will be different for sure!  We would appreciate your prayers as well.





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