May 27, 2015
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Kid Approved Meals

Kid Approved Meals

Dear Moms, Homeschoolers & Childcare Providers,

Can I lend you a hand? I am a mom of four, I homeschooled for a few years and I have also done childcare. I completely understand that you are BUSY with your day to day tasks and sometimes it is hard to provide healthy foods that your kids enjoy. Perhaps you just don't have the time to get creative and think about what you are going to serve for breakfast and lunch every single day. Maybe it is just easier to hand over the macaroni, day in and day out, in order to steer clear of the meltdown your toddler might have if you don't serve his favorite meal?

You Need Quick And Easy Meals Your Kids Will Actually Eat!

However, that does not mean you need to serve the same foods every single day. There are many fun and easy breakfast and lunch recipes for kids. How about Breakfast Pizza or Cheese and Meat Pinwheels to change things up a bit? It is important for the nutrition of our children to have a balanced assortment of foods in their diet. In addition, their little taste buds need to be exposed to variety to help them learn to appreciate various foods as they grow. Lynette

You Have Helped Me Serve My Children A Balance Of Different Foods Every Day!

"One of the things that stresses me out more than anything is what to feed my kids. As you can imagine, three times a day - every day is a lot of stress to deal with. I'm so thankful for your kid friendly menus. It not only gets rid of the uncertainty, it helps make sure I expose my kids to as many foods as possible and feed them a balance of different foods every day." ~ Lynette Chandler Would you like some help introducing a variety of foods to your children? What if you had a 13 week kid-tested & mom-approved menu that you could rotate throughout the year?

Introducing Kid Approved Meals

Kid Approved Meals Our Menu Pack E-book includes 13 Weeks (5 days per week) of Tried and True Breakfast and Lunch Ideas that your kids are sure to love; along with Categorized Grocery Shopping Lists For Each Menu. We will introduce a variety of easy recipes that will inspire creativity in the kitchen. Our goal is to help you gain variety and organization for mealtime. Our menus will help you remember that certain kid friendly foods are available, as well as provide you with creative new ideas to try. Here, take a look!

Sample Menu


We've Done The Hard Work For You

Yes, you saw that right... We even include a weekly grocery shopping list for you! Can't get any easier then that! With our menu pack you simply print, shop and enjoy a variety of foods throughout the week. Our menus are great for:
  • Homeschool Families
  • Stay At Home Moms Of Toddlers And Preschoolers
  • Working Moms Who Want To Prepare A Healthy Breakfast. Many Of The Lunch Recipes Can Also Be Used For Simple Dinners!
  • Child Care Providers
  • Grandmas Or Aunts Who Want To Know What The Kiddos In Your Family Might Like To Eat When They Visit
  Jennifer Coligado

Last Minute Dashes To The Grocery Store Have Been Eliminated

As a homeschooling mom to three active kids with another on the way, meal preparation and planning is one of my biggest daily challenges. I've spent many moments standing at my open fridge or cabinets wondering, "What should I cook?" Finding out I didn't have everything on hand for a tasty, balanced meal meant far too many inconvenient midweek dashes to the grocery store. Not to mention, an uncontrollable grocery budget due to far too many impulse purchases. Kid Approved Meals has saved me countless indecisive moments in the kitchen and given me a realistic and manageable grocery budget. And the best part of all? No more, "What are we going to eat, Mom?" I simply glance at our meal plan or direct my kids to do so! ~ Jenn Coligado Crystal

WOW, I've Been Waiting For Something Like This For SOOO Long!

Having a meal plan is essential for every mom - saves money, time and sanity! The thing is, while I had lots of great dinner ideas, I still had a tough time deciding what to feed the kids during the day. I knew that variety was important but I needed them to like the food too. So often I would just take the easy route and make them the same tried and true things over and over again. Now with your help, I have lots of great meal ideas to try! The kids are happy, and I can fly through meal planning (and shopping too - thanks to your great shopping lists!) The pressure is off - YAY! Thanks Christine!
~ Crystal Misener
Angela Wills

My Son Noticed A Difference Right Away - He Loves The New Recipes We Are Trying.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Kid Approved Meals Menu Pack. I'm a busy mom and so many times I've made the same ol' things because it was easy. Now you've made it easy for me to make a variety of great meal choices. My son noticed the difference right away and loves having 'fresh' meals for breakfast and lunch time. One thing I find very handy is the shopping list for each week. I'm the type who just grabs stuff and usually doesn't get everything I need in one trip to the grocery store. With the lists you provide I don't have to worry about forgetting anything because it's all there, just perfect... Thanks again!
~ Angela Wills


With Your Purchase We Will Also Include Two Additional E-Books Featuring Even More Easy Recipes For Kids.

Family Brunch

- Weekend Family Brunch Recipe E-Book Enjoy delicious meals with the entire family on the weekend. This mini recipe book features 50 brunch recipes you are sure to love.

fun with food

- Fun With Food E-book Featuring enough edible play-dough recipes to keep you busy for months! Along with additional lunch recipes and craft ideas your kids will go crazy for.


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